The Pacific North West

Ya llevo un mes por la costa oeste de los estados unidos y sin duda es uno de los emjores sitios en los que he estado. Muchísimos ríos, paisajes increíbles, un montón de fauna y muy buena gente!

I've been hanging around the Pacific North West in the USA for the last month now, and it's definitely one of the best places to be. Amazing rivers, super nice people and beautiful landscape everywhere, loving this place!

Conducimos desde Vancouver con Ali, y justo al cruzar la frontera paramos  aver a unos amigos en Belligham. Ahí remamos el  Middle Fork of the Nooksack y el Robe Canyon, dos ríos increíbles, siendo este último uno de mis preferidos de la zona. Gracias Griff, Parker, Fred y Brendan por enseñarmelos!

We drove down from Vancouver, BC with Ali and right after the border we stopped in Bellingham for some kayaking. I picked up my new shiva and headed to the Middle Fork of the Nooksack. It was at a good flow and had lots of fun on my first day boating on cold water with Griff and Parker! We also got on the Robe the next day, about an hour drive south, next to Granite Falls. Robe Canyon is one of my favorites without a doubt! Miles of continuos white water with big holes and amazing rapids through a beautiful canyon. From there we drove south to Hood River, about an hour east from Portland. 

 Welcome to the Gorge! Amazing sunset looking at Mt Hood.
Hemos estado remando el White Salmon y el Little White Salmon, los dos clásicos de la zona. Con varias secciones para todos los gustos y niveles ests dos ríos son increíbles! Buena gente, buen tiempo y buenos niveles hacen que remar sea un placer cada día!

We've been paddling a bunch here, the Little White Salmon and the Little White are two of the main classics, offering many sections, awesome rapids and lots of hours of boating. Thanks to the great hospitality of the locals here we've had many great times on and off the water, and after some cold days this warm weather is making kayaking a pleasure.

Spirit falls by Evan Garcia - SMH
There are so many rivers here… and they are all different and offer sections for all levels. 
Hay tantos ríos... de todo tipo y para todos los niveles!

Another amazing sunset at the Gorge over the Columbia

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