The Pacific North West - part 2

Hemos ido a un part de eventos de la zona, el primero fue el North West Creeking Comp en el East Fork of the Lewis y Canyon Creek.

We also attended the North West Creeking Comp at the East Fork of the Lewis and Canyon Creek. The NWCC was good fun with many laps at Sunset, one of the best waterfalls to get started and a couple races down the Lewis, a short section but with some nice rapids in a tight canyon. 

Canyon Creek es muy divertido, profundo cañón con buenos rápidos. Buena sección con rápidos continuos y paredes verticales.

Canyon Creek is a pretty cool run, just about 30min drive from the Lewis. There are many cool rapids in the canyon, specially the waterfall and the last few drops. Overall a beautiful run with many cool drops and a nice flat water paddle out!
La carrera en el Robe Canyon es por parejas, incluye un portaje y un montón de rápidos buenos, 25 minutos non stop! El viernes lo remmamos un para de veces para intentar acordarnos de las línias pero hay tantas que se hace difícil! La carrera era el sábado pero a causa de que el nivel subió un poco más decidieron cancelar la carrera. Anyway decidimos hacerla de todos modos entre nosotros, estuvo muy bien!

 The Robe Race consist of teams of two going down the canyon, portaging Landslide as fast as possible and continue racing through the following rapids. It's about 25-30 minutes long (longest race I've ever entered!) and the rapids are high quality white water. We did a couple laps on Friday trying to remember some of the many possible lines. Saturday was race day, but unfortunately the race got canceled due to high water. Anyway we had our own race and timed ourselves. Was pretty fun, and the river couldn't offer a better flow. We did another lap in the afternoon and drove to Bellingham looking fro some shelter.  
Log Choke and Alpine Falls on the Top Tye
El domingo nos fuimos al Top Tye, un clásico de la zona con rápidos increíbles, muy buena sección con buen nivel de agua, la mejor decisión posible! Después de una cuantas rondas para casa.

On Sunday morning we had many options as it had been reining hard, Robe was at 7ft, Clearwater, Middle Fork… We faintly chose Top Tye, and it was such a good call. We meet up with Washington locals Sam and Rob and they showed us their amazing backyard run. Great rapids, big holes and a great flow under nice weather made for a perfect Sunday. We ran all the rapids of the run and then lapped the lower section 3 more times, it was so good!

En general contento con los resultados, llevo remando desde Febrero y cada día me siento mejor en el agua. 3º y 4º en el Lewis, 2º en Canyon Creek y primero junto con Darren en la 'no oficial' Robe Race. Muy buenos momentos en el agua, contento de estar aquí!

Overall happy with the results as I've only been paddling since February. 3rd and 4th on the Lewis, 2nd at Canyon Creek race and first together with Darren at the 'unofficial' but true Robe Race. Pretty goods times!
The beautiful Columbia river Gorge 

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