Magical White Water Kayaking the Baker with SBP

Aquí tenéis el primer episodio de SBP y Epic TV; Kayak en el río Baker en Patagonia, Chile. El Baker es el río más caudaloso de Chile y ofrece algunos de los mejores rápidos que he remado en mi vida además de un paisaje de ensueño. HidroAysén pretende construir dos presas en el Baker, una en el mismo cañón del vídeo

Esperemos que la lucha siga adelante y podamos disfrutar de este magnífico río por muchos años más! Viva Patagonia sin Represas, SIEMPRE!

First episode from SBP and Epic TV series; Kayaking down the Baker in Patagonia, Chile. The Baker is the largest river in Chile and offers some of the best whitewater I've ever paddled together with an amazing landscape. HidroAysén is willing to built two mega dams on this gem, on of them on the same canyon you can see on the video.

Hoping young generations will be able to see this place as it is and paddle this magical river for ever; NO DAMS! Viva Patagonia sin Represas, SIEMPRE!

The first episode of the new Serrasolses Bros Productions (SBP) and EpicTV exclusive 12 episodes serie. 

The Río Baker is the largest river in Chile and without a doubt one of the greatest, too. Located deep in southern Patagonia kayakers have to drive for two days on gravel roads through forests, lakes, glaciers, and amazing mountain passes. The turquoise blue color of the water and the beauty of the valley captivates you and makes you fall in love with this place. The power of the water and the wilderness around make you feel so small and so connected with the environment... it's a magical place. There are two proposed and approved dams on the Baker and another three on the Pascua. Many people are fighting against this mega project that would not only flood the whole valley but destroy wildlife and some of the best whitewater kayaking on Earth. 

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