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I started paddling the Manic Elite MCQ last summer after many years wanting to switch paddles. I got it right in time for the Stikine and it was awesome to have such a nice paddle on such beautiful river. Since then I haven’t looked back and I am so happy I finally decided to join Galasport after many years of considering it.

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In my opinion Galasport produces the nicest paddles on the market right now. They are strong and durable, lightweight, sexy and most important they feel good on the water, the make your paddling experience that much better because of their blade shape and design.

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Many people see Galasport as slalom paddles only as the company produces specific slalom paddles, slalom boats and more, however for the past few years Galasport has widened their paddle range to creeking and river running with multiple designs. Their river running paddles are strong and durable and so nice to use... its my only paddle for everyday.

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The Manic Elite MCQ is a 100% two parts carbon paddle. This means the blade and the shaft are one single part and the two shaft assemble in the middle of the paddle. Having a two parts paddle means you have a stiffer paddle as you only have one assembly point instead of two and you don’t have to worry about blades coming off loose or anything like that. Having such a smooth shape at the blade/shaft assembly means the blade glides really well and smoothly through the water at every stroke which translates to more controlled and precise strokes.

Another awesome thing Galasport makes is the USA Connector, which is a super strong and easy to use tool that can be set on any paddle and make it a two parts breakdown. This is really helpful for traveling and to lend your paddle to other people as its really easy to adjust the length and the feather. Once set the connector is really strong and the paddle is still super stiff, its just like using a normal paddle but you can play with the length and feather as you paddle down the river. Its really helpful for racing, multidays, freestyle, traveling and flying and it can also work great as an expedition breakdown paddle.

I’ve been using my USA connector everywhere this past season, racing Rey del Rio in Mexico, paddling waterfalls in Chile, racing in the PNW and freestyle ave surfing in BC and Quebec. Being able to adjust the length (10 cm range!!) and feather makes this paddle really versatile and the best all around one for everything paddle in the market, I’m really stoked I have one of this!!
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For more information check all of their products at: galasport.com

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