LW Race 2015

The first weekend of May was the date, the awaited Little White race would finally happen and it was epic. A dry and low snow winter and spring meant really low water levels all season long, however the river is still great offering good rapids and super fun moves. The LW race is one of the most well known races on the circuit, the river is beautiful and pristine with clear drinkable water surrounded by thick old growth forest and some of the best and most fun rapids there are, its an amazing place!

On Friday we did a pre race on the best rapids of the Green Truss. We had perfect weather and a bunch of racers, it was a really fun event. 

In the evening we had the Gorge Paddling Film Festival across the river in Hood River, OR. There were a bunch of sick video entries and a big fundraiser for First Descents. In the end our entry from SB Productions won the first place on the Pro category so it was an awesome night for us. A good night of sleep and the big day is finally here.
We drove up to the put in and geared up, enjoyed the sun for a while and slowly made our way to the start line. The racecourse is really continuous and has many tight lines and moves, specially at low water being extremely technical. Its a 16 minute plus race so you want to make sure you don’t go all out at the start and have nothing left for the end. I tried to pace myself  and only did a few mistakes that obviously costed me a ew good seconds. In the end though I was happy with my run, felt good in the water and enjoyed it! I was happy taking first after a couple years on second place and felt I performed good on my race run. It was an awesome day followed by a bunch of sick Spirit laps to say goodbye for the season to our beloved Ldub! 

The awards were held in Hood River and it was a great fun night with awesome people. I was happy to take the win on both races and win my first LW race, it feels good to do well on the river you paddle everyday and love so much!

Thanks Capo at WCKA for putting the event together another year, thanks to the students for timing and safety and thanks Cat and Lee Timons for the pics!

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