IR skirts 2014

I've been using the Lucky Charm skirt from Immersion Research for the last six months straight and I'm stoked it still looks like the first day!

Immersion Research is based in Confluence, PA, USA and they produce all kind of kayaking gear, from drysuits to skirts to backbands and other accessories.

Salto del Indio, Gol Gol, Chile | pic: Evan Garcia
IR is most famous because of their world renowned skirts. They are the best in the market simply because they are the safest while still being dry, durable and comfortable to wear and paddle everyday. Their rubber band stays on your boat on every drop or waterfall you run and you can even land on your head and still stay in your kayak which is pretty nice sometimes.

Rey del Rio, Agua Azul, Mexico
I’ve been using the 2014 Lucky Charm but they just came out with the 2015 collection and they look sweet. Both the Rand Royale and the new Lucky Charm look great and bright with some new colors, materials, more comfortable and even safer, so get out there and enjoy them!

Crashing into some waves on the Baker, Chile 
Or just go to http://www.immersionresearch.com and check all their catalog. IR is probably the brand that’s pushed their products the most within the last couple years so expect great design and quality from all their products.

Enjoying some laps on the Mariman, Chile
Stoked to be using and representing the best skirts out there!!