FKT Pau, France (ENG)

Last weekend we drove to Pau (France) for the first event of this season. The first round of the FKT (French Freestyle Cup) was a new and awesome slalom course in Pau.

As said the course is AWESOME! Good flow, it’s deep and steep for an artificial slalom course and it got some great water moves. The access is great and the whole course is just beautiful. We had good weather for the whole weekend and needless to say it was a great event.

From Sort we drove with Ludo and my brother Aniol, and after three easy hours we were in Pau. The water was on, so we paddled the hole for 30 minutes. It was already dark but thanks to the lights of the course we could paddle without any problem. We had dinner and went to bed.

We woke up early next morning and drove back to the course. We just hanged out for the whole morning and in the afternoon we had the K1 men’s prelims. We also had a boaterX prelims and the freestyle quarterfinals. I was paddling ok and managed to get 2nd in prelims and 1st in the quarterfinals. After such a long day on the course we had dinner with all the competitors and partied at the traditional after party - French style!

Sunday morning was tough… we woke up before nine and had the semifinals… I did ok and got 1st for the finals. After some chilling time (sleeping) we had the boaterX semis and finals where I managed to get 1st, and then the freestyle finals.

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