Freestyle Murillo

El fin de semana pasado se disputó la segunda Copa de España de Rodeo en Murillo de Gállego (Zaragoza). Como siempre esta competición fue un gran éxito, gracias a la organización, el super spot, el entorno, la peññaa, el embudo, el sol....

El río estuvo alto durante gran part de la semana, lo que permitía muchas más maniobras. Aunque el caudal bajó a lo largo del finde, el rulo simpre estuvo muy bien.

Finalmente conseguí una primera posición en K1 que espero me sirva para ayudarme a clasificarme por Thun.

Las weekend we had our second Spanish Freestyle Cup in Murillo de Gállego (Spain). Murillo is an incredible place located at the base of the Pyrennes, with some great rocky mountains for climbing and a great river for rafting… The place is a little bit dry but it’s really good, cause you are near from nearly everywhere.

The river was on a good water level all week, what means the spot turns into a great wave, with eddy service, green and foam. Unfortunately the levels started to drop and by the weekend they were as the previous years. Anyway it’s a great hole, not so easy, cause you have to be careful with the bottom and not to flush, but it was really good fun!

Prelims took place on Saturday morning, when I wasn’t really inspired… On the afternoon we had the semifinals, and I paddled better than in the morning and managed to get first.

We did another training session on late afternoon, and then head to the dinner, where we met all the kayakers. The night was long, but in the morning we were really motivated to go kayaking. Finals took place on Sunday morning with a really shining sun! Finals went good and I ended first (my brother also won the junior class), so we were really happy!

After all, awesome weekend, really nice competition with great organization, prize giving, nice spot, sunshine all day long, good friends… can’t ask fro more!

This was the second competition that counts as team trials to make the team to go to Thun, so after two wins I just need the third competition in two weeks and see what happens!

Heading to Plattling tomorrow…. Meting the big ones!!

Thanks for the photos Aixas, Parra, Caroc...

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